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Join the BFG Benefits Network

The BFG Benefits Network is a wonderful opportunity for you to get you company‚Äôs name out and drive business in the door utilizing the same advertising techniques that normally cost thousands of dollars…for FREE. The Bayer Financial Group, LLC, who represents over 400 families locally and markets to 10s of 1000s annually, wants to create a win-win for your business and BFG. By providing the same discounts your business normally would pay a publication or media source to run, BFG will advertise your company at no cost through our Client Benefits Network.

What Does Your Business Get?
Ideally, more business.

The BFG Benefits Network will be marketed to thousands of families at no cost to the business providing this discount. This company logo, description/bio, and one or more discounts will be advertised in a downloadable format on the BFG website. BFG will advertise this information through the BFG Benefits Network, BFG website, monthly newsletter, and company events…all at no cost!

How Many People Does BFG Touch Each Year?

What Does BFG Get Out Of This Network?
A value added service.

The Bayer Financial Group, LLC is always trying to find value added services to bring to the people they serve. This discount network is another way we can bring more value to our clients and at the same time bring value to the local and regional business community. Hopefully the businesses we help grow through this network will see BFG as a group of nice, knowledgeable professionals they may choose to call for help one day.

How do I Join The BFG Benefits Network?
It’s Simple.

Just fill out the application and list the discount you would like to provide. An associate from BFG will help coordinate artwork, descriptions, logos, barcodes/tracking numbers and the coupon to be listed on the website.

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